EVA’s USA is a documentary series about American born Dutch journalist and talkshow host Eva Jinek, who travels around her home country to find out if the America from her youth still exists. By talking to Americans who all play a different role in society, Eva tries to get a good insight in the current state of her motherland.  (Watch the episodes below.)

In a second consecutive series Eva returns to find out what has changed under the presidency of Mr Trump. She meets six remarkable people from different parts of the country who are trying to make a change in their communities. All the urgent issues like Health Care, Immigration and (Un) Employment will be discussed in a very personal way. These wave makers, community organizers and passionate believers in a better society are not waiting for the government to change their situation, they take action themselves because they feel that America will be truly great again as long as people are working together.

Eva’s USA. Original title: ‘De Verenigde Staten van Eva’ 2016, 2017. Two series of 6 episode travel documentary – English spoken – 40 minutes each –
Commissioned by KRO-NCRV, Dutch National Broadcaster.