Various series & broadcasters

We have been filming, researching or producing for series like:
‘The Amazone’ on the dire situation of the forest and its people.‘The Worth of the Earth’ an investigational series on resources, ‘Letters from Spain’ getting a closer look of Spaniards and their traditions, ‘The Beagle in the Footsteps of Charles Darwin’ sailing around the world, ‘Eva’s USA‘ talking to Americans about their country, ‘O’Hanlons Heroes’ where a British author is chasing 19th century explorers’, ‘Homeward Bound’ about the fascination of two Dutch singers with Simon & Garfunkel, ‘On the Backbone of the Andes’ following the mountain range in S. America with Stef Biemans,‘Van Dis in Africa’ an assessment 15 years after the abolition of Apartheid.

We have also worked on travel shows like Yorin Travel/3 Op Reis, Wildebeasts Africa and adventure travel series like Peking Express…and many others