Highlighted Work

Here are some highlights of our work and projects we worked on:

Us & Them
Us and Them is a documentary series on generational differences around the world. We
filmed several young women who are following their dream in different industries and
also listen to what their parents have to say about that.

Us and Them is co-created with German broadcaster Deutsche Welle.
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European in New York
European in New York is a 10-episode documentary series, shot in New York City at the
height of the pandemic in 2020. Renowned author Arnon Grunberg spends his 25th
anniversary as a New Yorker amidst a roaring global pandemic, months of civil unrest
and another upcoming historic election. Previously he has decided to apply for
American citizenship.  Now he is – in his own inimitable way – wondering if that was a
smart idea. He sets out to talk to fellow New Yorkers, authors, Europeans, his former
doctor and an ex-inmate to figure out if he made the right choice.  

A co-production of VPRO & Bureau NY commissioned by NPO
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The Beagle
Almost 180 years after Charles Darwin’s voyage around the world – one of the most
important journeys ever made – we repeated this epic expedition for the documentary
series The Beagle, On the Future of Species, to re-assess the discoveries that changed
our ideas of time, space, chance, sex and nature. With The Beagle, we stepped in the
footsteps of Charles Darwin to make a scientific travel documentary series which won
the prestigious Dutch award De Tegel in 2010.

Remco & Ilja were part of VPRO’s Beagle crew for the entire duration of the project,
filming, researching and producing all around the world.

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We’re All Gods
In collaboration with the filmmaker/artist duo Stefanie Daubek and Emily Tucker, we
co-created this is a one of a kind art film in Hawaii about experiencing death and
being re-born. It is about being pushed to the edge of existence and making the
choice to come back to the land of the living