Documentary series

Bureau NY worked on a great variety of interesting projects. We contributed in the field of cinematography, directing, researching and executive or line producing.

Have a look at a selection of the projects they worked on – listed on the right

THE BEAGLE Almost 180 years after Charles Darwin’s voyage around the world – one of the most important journeys ever made – we repeated this epic expedition for the documentary series The Beagle, On the Future of Species, to re-assess the discoveries that changed our ideas of time, space, chance, sex and nature. With The Beagle, we stepped in the footsteps of Charles Darwin to make a scientific travel documentary series which won the prestigious Dutch award De Tegel in 2010.

Remco & Ilja were part of VPRO’s Beagle crew for the entire duration of the project, filming, researching and producing all around the world.

International series: 8 x 50 min. Dutch series: 35 episodes of 35 minutes.

VPRO, VRT, Teleac, NPO

Documentary series:

Eva’s USA (Eva Jinek), Worth of the Earth, The Amazone, Letters from Spain, From Bahia to Brooklyn, In Between the America’s, Rudi -chased by 9/11, O’Hanlons Heroes, Van Dis in Afrika, Homeward Bound, Metropolis, European in New York

Feature documentaries: A Hip Hop Minute, The Recycling Myth, Etgar Keret, Deaf Child, White Cube, 100 UP, All you need is me

Art Projects: We are all Gods, Ghosts don’t walk