When the Grass Must Go

Landscaper Kurtis Hyde is removing grass on a daily basis. Perfectly green grass is being taken out. Unless it is a park or a sports field, it has to go. New developments are not even allowed to have back yards.

Kurtis introduces us to the reason for selling these extreme measurements,

Lake Mead: long lasting drought and high temperatures are causing it to dry up at a staggering rate. Landscaper Kurtis shows us the desert, the grass and the water cops who chase after people who spoil precious water when they are watering their grass.

The water level of the reservoir has dropped in such a short amount of time that a ‘bathtub ring’ is showing and its boat launch has been moved back several times. To preserve water, the city of Las Vegas makes sure that the water that is being used indoors is being captured, cleaned and recycled. 

But most of the water being used outdoors is evaporating before it even hits the ground.

The remedy: removing lawns and non-functional grass.

Director: Ilja Willems
Cinematography: Remco Bikkers
Sound mix & Design: Ruben Dekker